The purpose of this site is to introduce the user to the functionality offered by the VEDA environment to interact with the input and output of TIMES models. Prior knowledge of modeling in general, and TIMES modeling in particular, is necessary to actually build models using this site.

Overview of the VEDA system for TIMES modeling>

Data and assumptions are fed into VEDA_FE that provides input to the TIMES code. VEDA_FE accepts input from a variety of Excel files with different (flexible) structures that are tailored to work efficiently with data intensive models. The TIMES code works in the GAMS environment and produces text output that is read by VEDA_BE. VEDA_BE produces numerical and graphical (mainly via Excel) output for the user. Future updates will have VEDA_FE and VEDA_BE interacting more and more. For example, it will be possible to view the results for the processes/commodities being browsed in VEDA_FE. Similarly, input information for the processes/commodities selected in VEDA_BE will be a click away.

Some sections include flash animations of VEDA operation. These are available in two ways: from the “Show me” links, and from pictures with a red border and shadow around them. If you want local copies of the flash demos, you can use the “Download” links beside the “Show me”. You have (limited) control on the animation (go to the first frame, pause, next frame and previous frame) using the controls that appear at the bottom of the frame, as shown in the picture below.

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Figure 1: Sample flash demo of VEDA functionality

Overall status of the site: