Process and commodity characteristics like Vintaging, Operational Timeslice Level and LimType of the balance equation are declared in the ~Process and ~Commodity tables in the B-Y and SubRES templates.

VEDA does not support this specification via selecting/unselecting scenarios at the time of submitting runs, but it does have a special arrangement to modify them based on rules specified in the SysSettings file.

PRC_TSL, PRC_VINT, PRC_PCG, COM_TSL and COM_LIM are recognized as attributes in ~TFM_INS tables in the SysSettings file. These attributes are ignored (and reported in the import log) when they appear in any other scenario. The process/commodity filters and AllRegions/Region columns can be used as usual.

Valid values for these attributes:

The characteristics are updated in the scenario (BASE or the SubRES) where the process/commodity is originally defined. In addition, these attributes are available for browse with value = -1. This is just to flag the processes-commodity-characteristics that have been edited via the SysSettings file. One would need to go to the process/commodity master, or dbl-click to see the text entry in SysSettings, to see the actual value that has been set.

Notes on processing:
VEDA retains the original values for these four characteristics in a separate table. These five characteristics are set to their original values before processing SysSettings.